If your friend or family member has been arrested, chances are they will need someone to post bail on their behalf. How does this work? If you find yourself in this situation, you have some options to consider.

After an arrest, you will wait for your initial court appearance, or your “arraignment.” This is a brief hearing where the judge will set a bond amount in order for you to be released from jail. Once the judge sets the bond, you can either post the full amount of the bond or, if you do not have full amount, you can hire a bail bondsman.

A bail bondsman in Ohio charges a 10% premium of the full bond amount. For example, a $10,000 bond will cost a $1,000 premium. Once the premium has been paid, the bondsman will post the bond and the defendant will be released from jail.
In addition to any paid premiums, a bail bondsman can require collateral to be signed over depending on the amount of the bond and the severity of the alleged charge. Collateral could be cash, property or any other asset.

Once the defendant is released, he/she must appear at all court dates in order for the bond to remain active. Failure to appear may result in loss of money, collateral and, most importantly, the defendant’s freedom.

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