Domestic Violence Bail Bonds

Domestic violence is generally defined as an individual intentionally causing or attempting to cause harm to a family member or another person living in the household. This can include actual violence or just the threat of violence.
If you’ve been accused of domestic violence, or you need to get someone you know out of jail, call a bail bondsman for help right away.

Is domestic violence only when a man hits a woman?

No. Domestic violence is violent or aggressive behavior against a spouse, former spouse, relative, partner, boyfriend, girlfriend, or person who is unrelated but resides in the same house.

Is it hard to prove domestic violence in court?

Domestic violence typically occurs within the confines of a person’s home and, unfortunately, there is rarely a witness to the alleged crime. Recently there has been increased attention brought to domestic violence cases from the media, lawmakers, and society, resulting in strict penalties for anyone convicted.

What is domestic battery?

Essentially the same as domestic violence, battery is more than just a verbal argument. Domestic battery involves a physical assault between people in a domestic relationship in which the defendant physically hurts the victim.

What are domestic violence bail bonds?

If you’ve been charged with domestic violence and you’re stuck sitting in jail because you can’t afford to pay your bail, you have the option of calling a bail bonds company. After a bail agent pays your bond, you can get out of jail, go home, and prepare to defend yourself and fight the accusations.

When should I call a bail bondsman?

It is important to get a good bondsman immediately after the bond has been set so you can fight your case from the outside.

How much is bail for a domestic assault?

The bail amount depends on the extent of the offense, number of prior convictions, and if the defendant knew the victim was pregnant, among other factors.

What is a violation of a protection order for domestic violence?

A restraining order (protection order) is activated once the defendant has been released from the court on bond and usually implements certain requirements or prohibitions while the case is pending. An example would be if the defendant’s bond condition states that the defendant must not have contact with the victim or must stay a certain distance away from the victim. This is a very common charge related to domestic violence cases.

What is a temporary protection order?

This type of restraining order is only temporary and typically can be lifted once the case has been finished. It’s usually set forth by the judge when ruling on the side of caution before the case has been resolved.

What happens if I violate a restraining order after a domestic violence?

If a defendant violates a protection order, his or her current bond will be revoked and new charges of “violation of protection order” will be activated. This means you will most likely find yourself back in jail with a new bail amount set. The more violations, however, the less likely you will able to leave on bail.

If you or a loved one is in jail for domestic violence and you need help paying for bail, Castle Bail Bonds can send a bond agent to your home or meet you at the jail.

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