Sex Crimes Bail Bonds

Sex crimes are some of the most complex cases and it’s best find an experienced bail bondsman that can get you out of jail immediately so you can fight your case from the outside. From indecent exposure to prostitution to sexual assault, if you or someone you know was arrested for a sex crime and needs to post bail, call Castle Bail Bonds today.

Types of sex crimes


Classified as a non-consensual sex act committed using physical force or while the victim is under duress or under threat of violence.

Sexual Battery:

Differs from rape in that it does not involve penetration, but defined as unwanted touching against someone’s will and is classified as a felony.

Unlawful Sexual Conduct with a Minor:

Classified as a person who is 18 years or older engaging in sexual acts with a person who is under the age of 16 but older than 13.

Sexual Imposition:

Often when someone engages in sexual contact with another person against their will.

Gross Sexual Imposition:

Occurs when the offender forces someone to have sexual contact with a third party against their will. This can be classified by using force, the threat of force, or impairing the victim’s judgement with drugs or alcohol. This can also happen with someone whose mental capacity does not allow them to give proper consent for such activity.

How much is bail for rape or sexual battery?

A judge determines the bail amount based on many factors including the severity of the offense, the circumstances around the crime, the accused’s history, if the accused is a flight risk, etc.

How does bail work?

After being arrested, the suspect is taken to the police station where an officer takes his or her fingerprints, mugshots and personal property. If the crime is not serious, the suspect may be allowed to post bail and go home. If the crime is serious, however, the suspect may have to remain in jail until a bail hearing is scheduled.

Are there bail hearings for sex crimes?

If you are accused of a serious sex crime, you may have to remain in jail while you wait for a bail hearing. At the hearing, a judge will determine if you are eligible for bail and, if so, set the bail amount. If you have the money, you can pay the full amount of your bail with cash. Some courts will also accept a check or credit card.

What can I do if I can’t pay my bail?

If you cannot afford to pay your bail, you or a loved one can call a bail bondsman. By paying a small percentage (usually 10%) of your bail, the bail bond company will, in turn, promise to pay your full bail amount if you skip out on your court appearance. This way, you can be released from jail for a fraction of the cost.

Why are bail bonds set?

Bail bonds are set to ensure a defendant shows up in court after being released from jail. The bail amount is usually high enough to be taken seriously while still being attainable, especially with the assistance of a bond agent.

What are the conditions of bail in a rape case?

In rape and domestic violence cases, a judge will usually add the condition that the defendant must not attempt to contact the person who is accusing them of the crime.

Without bail, innocent people may end up sitting in jail unable to explain their side of the story. Often, there are several months between the arrest and the trial. Why sit in jail when you can be at home?

If you’ve been accused of rape, sexual battery or another sex crime, and you need to get out of jail ASAP, call Castle Bail Bonds. Being arrested is not the same as being guilty.

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