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Greene County Courts:

Castle Bail Bonds is local to Xenia, Ohio, right across from the Greene County Courthouse, downtown. We’re available to discuss the bail process 24/7, so when you, or a loved one, needs a bail bondsman, don’t wait - just call.

What we do is simple. We provide bail bonds in Xenia Ohio for people accused of a crime. The severity of which can range from a misdemeanor traffic violation to a more serious felony or white collar crime. Our professional and confidential surety bonds services can secure a release from jail in a matter of hours.

After the judge sets bond you have the option to pay the bond upfront, using cash or credit, or, if you don’t have enough funds on hand, you can hire a Greene County bail bondsman. The benefit of using Castle Bail Bonds company is that you can repay the amount in smaller installments.

The cost of the bail bond is 10 percent of the bond premium; this percentage is required by the Ohio bond law. We know that bad things often happen to good people, and that people are innocent until proven guilty.

Over time, we’ve earned our clients’ trust by working diligently and honestly. By hiring one of our Xenia, Ohio bail bonds agents, you can avoid spending time in jail until your court appearance. Plus, relatives or friends can post bail for you if you’re the accused.

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