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Castle Bail Bonds Columbus Ohio

Since 2009, Castle Bail Bonds has offering bail bonds for people who’ve been arrested and accused of a crime. Our local office is right here in the heart of Columbus, Ohio and our bail agents are available 24/7. Whether you're guilty of a crime or falsely arrested, our goal is to provide you with a surety bond that gets you out of jail fast.

As a local bail bonding company, our agents are committed to serving the communities of the great state of Ohio in the bond process. We know the judicial system and recognize that each case is unique. We also understand the bail process so, whether the accused has been arrested for robbery, DUI, fraud, drug possession or another crime, we can secure their release from jail.

After an arrest in Ohio, the defendant is required to wait for their initial court appearance or “arraignment.” Once the judge determines the bond amount, Castle Bail Bonds can help when you don’t have the full amount for bail. With a surety bond, you'll be able to return home.

Bail bond law in Ohio requires the bail bond cost to be 10 percent of the bond premium. Avoid spending time in jail until your court appearance by hiring one of our bail bondsmen and post bail today – no lawyer required!

With flexible financing and payment plans, you don’t have to worry about being affording expensive bail. Our bail bonds ensure that you - or your loved one - can come home. Contact a Columbus bail bonds agent today.

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I used another Columbus bail bondsman initially, but when I called this company with questions on the integrity of the other bondsman I was given wonderful insight on the processes and what is to be expected. I would recommend this bondsman more than the company I used. - Richard M.